Jerry’s Diary

Dear Diary

Today I flew all the way to England to see the new baby boy who will be the future king. When I flew down on a tree I made a sandwich, it had cheese and ham on it. Soon Kate and William came out with the cute baby boy.

It was over in a flash, so I flew home and had a ham and cheese sandwich again!

I was thinking that when the baby boy is older he will look as handsome as me. People will think I am the new king and give me whatever I want!

So I got out my king costume and this is what it looks like:image

P.S if you are Kate and William call the baby boy Jerry!

Jerry’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Today I picked off 3 keys from the computer keyboard. It was such fun! I said to Bazzy “I bet that you can pull out 4 keys – not!” She did get angry at me. After that I did get a BIG tell off from my owner. Bazzy laughed. This time I got angry at Bazzy!