The New Bazzy and Jerry YouTube Channel is up and running!

You can now follow the antics of Bazzy and Jerry Barraband on YouTube. Link through and be sure to bookmark the Bazzy and Jerry YouTube Channel: Advertisements

Bazzy & Jerry Sailing Away!

Bazzy: “This sailing lark is much harder than it looks” Jerry: “No way, we’ve been watching and learning with Team NZ for months – foil foil tack tack jibe jibe foil foil” Bazzy: “One word Jerry…” Jerry: “Yeah..??” Bazzy: “Oracle!” … Continue reading

What would you do if you were Bazzy or Jerry?

If you were Bazzy or Jerry what would you like to do the most?

Would you have a bath?

Would you sleep in?

Would you go for a jog?

Would you play?

Just go down to the comments and tell us who you would like to be (Bazzy or Jerry) and what you would do. You could do anything you like!